We offer a range of services that provide the necessary support to foreign customers who want to invest in Chinese products.

Legal Verification of Factories (Audit)

We do the confirmation work that allows the customer to verify the manufacturers in China and avoid dealing with fake companies.

Business Trips - Agenda with Buyers

Commercial planning and logistics for your business trip to China, support and translation during your visit and general business advice in China.

Search and Analysis of Suppliers

Searching for suppliers is a part of the purchasing process in China, which is done before buying in order to provide the customer with the best options in the Chinese market.

Exploration of Business Ideas

Market research for business idea development. Validation of the offer in China with qualified suppliers, monitoring of the process.

Factory Audit / Legal verification of factories

Review of the general and technical profile of the factory. Legal documentation, business license, export license, quality certificates, bank and trade references. Visit IN SITU to the factory, report on the production process and validation of the final product.

Integral Purchasing

We find the best suppliers and prices in China. We have specialists in this field who are responsible for validating and verifying all the necessary requirements to avoid fraud and ensure the peace of mind of our customers.

Quality Control

Monitoring and quality control of products during and at the end of the production process, checking compliance with the standards required by the customer.

Interpreter (Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, English)

Accompaniment in your language. Understanding everything that happens when talking to a supplier and having the guarantee that the person accompanying you is working exclusively on your behalf guarantees the success of your purchasing activities in China.


This process requires a high level of experience and preparation in logistics. For this reason, we are experts in the transportation of goods, we offer a 100% professional service, optimizing costs in international transport.

Consolidated Cargo

This service is ideal for customers who need to transport smaller orders, but with a large variety. If the customer purchases products from different suppliers, this service allows the customer to reduce the high costs incurred when orders are shipped separately.

Legal Representation (Brand / Company)

We help the client to cope with the challenges ahead. Through our representation, we collaborate in the creation of your subsidiary to ensure the agility of the processes, up to the creation of a new product, if necessary.

Coordination of Regulatory Affairs

Assist Global Regulatory Affairs team with documentation, presentation formats, and samples/labels to support regulatory submissions. Collect, compile and analyze scientific data. Submit registration dossiers to regulatory authorities and lead subsequent negotiations to obtain or maintain regulatory approval for the products in question.


Discover how easy it is to buy in China when you find a trusted agent who looks out for your interests as you would yourself.

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China has become the engine of the world economy in the last decade. It has competitively priced labor and technology. It is a key country in the production of many of the items that are bought and consumed around the world and that is why imports from China are a key axis of global trade.

Mitai specializes in providing services for people interested in importing products from China. Our team of highly qualified professionals is responsible for finding the best purchasing opportunities in China by pre-selecting the suppliers available on the market.

The content offered on the Internet about doing business in China does not correspond to reality. In addition, many of the factories you find in a quick internet search do not have a website or staff that can communicate with customers in other countries, and in most cases they do not have official permission to export their products. Mitai simplifies the steps, processes and due diligence required before the product leaves China. In addition, our team is responsible for evaluating suppliers and verifying their reliability, which provides more security for the customer.

Brands from all over the world manufacture their products in China. So the quality of a product is directly related to the price customers pay for the quality they want. The details of raw materials, manufacturing processes, etc. are determined with the manufacturer at the express request of the customer.

There are several reasons why it is a good decision to use our services. One of the main reasons is distance. Being located in China, we are objective and ask the supplier to respect the commitments made in your favor, which may be lost, confused or even cause misunderstandings in communication due to the lack of physical presence of the customer.

Therefore, our professionals will pre-select the best suppliers in the Chinese market and represent them correctly so that the negotiations are satisfactory.

No. We are foreign trade consultants, purchasing agents, quality inspectors, auditors and business partners of our clients, depending on the type of business they want to do. Our contribution is not only based on the pursuit of commission, but our main goal is to provide the necessary support to the foreign customer who wants to do business with Chinese manufacturers.

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